Oregon: Willamette Valley, Day 2

Our first full day in Willamette Valley our itinerary included a visit to the Willakenzie Estate and Vineyards. The estate was named after the type of soil the vineyard was built upon, Willakenzie soil, and all the staff at Willakenzie will tell you: Dirt Matters.  This phrase reflects the French concept of terroir, which is a tradition that ties wines to their place of origin.       

The estates run by Willakenzie are named after the soils they rest upon. Willakenzie Estate soil is named after the two Oregon rivers, the Willamette and the MacKenzie, and is one of the oldest soil types in the valley: an ancient marine sedimentary soil left by ancient, uplifted seabeds. Jory Hills Vineyard soil is a volcanic soil type with basalt substrate. This type of soil is high in calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Soil is so important to the vineyard, not only because the types of soil contribute to the flavor of the grapes, it also supports the root structure of the vine, influences the drainage levels of the area, and holds the minerals and nutrients to which the vine is exposed.

If you didn't know before, the Willamette Valley is most famous for its' Pinot Noirs, which is the reason we are visiting. I can't wait to tell you all about them!

Before we explore this incredible vineyard grape by grape, row by row, you’ve got to check out the views because this vineyard is gorgeous from the depths of the soil to the limitless sky above…

Do you have any photos of yourself visiting vineyards? Send them to jglover[at]lascoenterprises[dot]com and we’ll display them up in a special, upcoming post!

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