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Gas Station Sandwiches

As a professional chef, I’ve heard many people’s comments and opinions on what I eat. The generally perceived notion is that chefs only eat the type of food that they cook. Or, that their palates are so refined that only high-end, upscale cuisine will satisfy them. Of course, that is not always true... Read Full Article

A Wine Guide for the Grill

Everything tastes better when it comes off the grill! What to pair with your grilled goodies? Use this wine guide for the grill to find wines that will pick up those hickory and mesquite flavors perfectly. Read Full Article

Cajun vs. Creole

Confusion still persists about Cajun and Creole cuisine. Learn about the difference and nuances that make each definitively great. Read Full Article

Interview with Chef Steve Marques

In the process of transforming a wine cafe with bar bites into a true restaurant experience, Chef and Black Door Blogger Steve Marques takes time to answer a few questions about wine, food, and the industry. Read Full Article