The Hay Merchant Part 2...The Food


The food at Hay Merchant was described to me as straight white guy food.  That's a pretty accurate description.

All of the food is very flavorful, well spiced and definitely beer friendly. When we ordered the ' Fried Cheese of the Pig' the server asked us if we knew it was not cheese.  It is Chef Antoine Wares answer to mozzarella sticks. Breaded and deep fried pieces of head cheese. For me the while delicious it reads more like riellette. The blood sausage queso is inspired and definitely fits the beer driven menu. Crispy pigs ears...nothing else needs to be said.

The meat chips are like bite size kalbi.  Really well made kalbi.  House made hot dog is a good mix of fat and lean with an interesting texture.

The waffles and chicken fried chicken livers were cooked nice and pink and nicely seasoned.  The lamb ribs were great but we could not get enough of the farmers market veg slaw.  

All of the food and beer is well priced. Kevin Floyd and his bar staff take as much care in selecting and presenting the beer as Chef Antoine and the kitchen staff do with the food.  A great combination. 

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