First look at La Fisheria

Last week Tony Bourdain was in Baja California.  One of the scenes was shot with Chef and TV personality Aquiles Chaves.  I remembered that Chef Aquiles had recently opened La Fisheria here in Houston.  I decided to go try it out that Saturday afternoon. 

The brightly colored building is hard to miss. Once inside, the building has a very sea side but slightly Disneyland vibe about it.  I was presented with a menu, ordered a fine adult beverage and went about trying to decide what to order.  What I wanted was everything on the menu. With the help of my server I settled on 3 items.  First to show was the 'Big Shot'.   Fair warning when you order one, this is a full Negra Modelo with some seafood inside.  I had oyster.  This is the perfect thing to start a Houston Saturday afternoon.  Next was the Tostada Pulpo.  Octopus is difficult to cook well, at best, even for those of us that have done it a lot.  This was done perfect.  Tossed in some chipotle mayo with fresh onions.  I will have to have this again on another visit. 

Last was the Cayuco Civiche.  Tender, intensely limey civiche over  'canoes' of cucumber with very tender radish coils on top.  Another winner. 

After the meal was over my server brought the Chef to the table.  He sat with me for 10 minutes and was very charming.  I think the thing that will bring me back to the restaurant besides the food is Chef Aquiles warm and gentle nature.  

And in a final odd turn of events, my server asked for a business card so he could get in touch before he brings some friends to Uptown Park.  He read my last name and asked 'are you Spanish or Portuguese'  I answered Portuguese and we started talking about where are families are from since we share our last name. Turns out this 20 something recent immigrant is a cousin. I have a call into the member of my Dads family that traces our family tree to find out how distant.  How random.  

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Jamie Glover Dabbs said on June 5, 2012, 9:36 p.m.:

I love La Fisheria! My husband and I went for our anniversary and sat on their back patio lined with jasmine in-bloom. The food and atmosphere were fantastic! I'm looking forward to going back.

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