Seinfeld's Favorite Way to Swirl

Answers about wine; you want ‘em. But sometimes they just aren’t stated in a way that makes sense.  They are secrets that are kept under guard and not let out.  Well here is one. I am releasing the hounds.  I am here to divulge one of the deep, hidden secrets of wine professionals that they don’t want you to hear.  They want to keep it to themselves so that they can look cool.  This is one of those tips that will revolutionize your wine drinking experience. It will forever change your drinking practice and make you look like you are in complete control of your wine faculties. 

Ever witness wine folk swirling their glass, and then when you try it, it just doesn’t work?  Here you go.  Here is the step by step secret to swirling wine in a glass.  Prepare yourself as this will blow you away:

  1. 1. If you're right handed, swirl counterclockwise.
  2. 2. If you're left handed, swirly clockwise.

Told you it would blow you away.

Every time I see someone having difficulties swirling a glass of wine, they are always swirling it clockwise.  The moment I tell them to swirl counterclockwise, they immediately become experts of the movement.  Give it a try, it just works.  Now go look cool.

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