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Sets & Styles

A manipulation of natural curls, using our fingers to add definition to your texture.

1.5hr | $80

Various sized curling rods used to temporarily alter the shape of your hair.

3.5hr | $130

Involves dividing the hair into sections, creating subsections by two strands, saturating each section, allowing twists to dry and set under a hooded dryer, and unraveling the twists to achieve gorgeous waves.

3.5hr | $130

Drying and flatironing hair after a wash to achieve a smooth and sleek look.

1.5hr |$90


Maintenance service for the shape and health of your hair.

1.5hr | $155

Creating a new shape customized to your texture.

1.5hr | $180

Removing relaxed/damaged hair, overall drastic transformation of length.

1.5hr | $210

Color Services

This service is only bookable on previously colored hair. This application covers the regrowth areas of the hair where the roots grow back.

1.5hr | $75

This application covers root to ends and only includes a single all-over color.

1.5 | $150

Lightening strands of hair from the root to the end, darker tones in between for dimension.

4- 6hr | $260

Involves partially highlighting your hair, instead of providing an overall dimension. They can be used to create a subtle or bold look depending on where they’re placed and the amount of contrast you desire.

3-6hr | $180

Technique in which highlights are strategically placed around the hairline for an instant brightening and framing effect.

4-6hr | $90

Specialty Services

The technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness balanced with beautiful depth. The finished result is unintentionally perfect highlights.

2.5hrs | $260

The technique where your colorist teases your hair before applying color. Working in small sections and backcombing the mane allows for a more diffused and seamless application, kicking any harsh lines to the curb.

2.5hrs | $260

A complete hair transformation.

5+ hrs | $600+

consultation required


Adds extra moisture, shine, and color while taming frizz and flyaways in the process. When the hair is done soaking in the product, it’s rinsed out for immediately noticeable results.

Duration 45mins

The use of three or more colors blending them in a way to create a seamless natural transition.

1.5 | $175

Technique in which brighter bolder highlights mirror your hairline.

2.5hr | $100

We allot the standard booking for a natural texture service. If that time is exceeded or requires extra care there is an extra charge.

15mins | $25


Instantly transforms dull, dry strands. Transforms broken, brittle strands into
pillars of strength while protecting hair from future damage.

30mins | $40

Fortifies the new bonds created by NexGen ensuring nourishment and hydration to the hair fiber while enhancing the overall effects of the color service.

30mins | $40

 above are base prices which may be subject to change based on length/texture of hair, starting canvas, and desired results.